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Corporate or Private:
Nationally Recognised Driver Training, 4WD & All Wheel Drive.
Nationally Recognised Towing Training, Tow-Ed.
4WD / AWD Tag-Along Tours.
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4WD / AWD Training course group


 4WD / AWD Corporate Training Courses

As a corporate client your training needs are far different to the  general public and we are fully aware of this, so we have a range of courses which are tailored for not only 4WD operation, but off highway (gravel/ dirt roads) driving with an emphasis on OH&S and environmental principals.
We cover appropriate units of competency from the Sport Recreation & Outdoor, Transport & Distribution and Public Safety training packages, depending upon the level of training required. Trainees can share a number of vehicles and each driver would be given ample practical experience. The course is designed to be very practical and hands on.
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Our Instructors come to your location for any of our courses, this enables you to mix & match different courses and save on costs.

4WD / AWD Training Courses Public

If you don't know your 4WD / AWD capabilities and you yourself are not familiar with 4WD / AWD techniques, then doing a Nationally Recognised 4WD / AWD driver training course is for you. Gain confidence as you learn the capabilities and limitations of you 4WD or AWD vehicle. We offer an introduction to off road driving to those who want to learn new skills or prehaps refresh old ones.  Our 4WD or AWD courses are structured so you can practise reading different types of terrain, negotiating obstacles and much more in a controlled and safe enviroment with one of our qualified trainers



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